View Full Version : [ubuntu] T-Mobile USB modem working with Vodafone Mobile Connect Driver

March 12th, 2009, 03:03 PM

recently i have been having major trouble with the T-Mobile USB Modem for connecting to the internet but i have found a nifty solution which allows usage of a GUI.

first you need to download these two links :



make sure you install the top link first before the second.

Then plug in you T-Mobile USB modem

once installed go to Applications >> Internet >> Vodafone Mobile Connect

once the program has loaded you will hopefully see your modem picture and name. highlight it and click next.

you will then see this screen :

http://up2go.co.uk/static/thumb/Screenshot_New_Profile.png (http://up2go.co.uk/share/Screenshot_New_Profile.png)

you will then need to enter information in order for it to work

Profile Name: T-Mobile Internet
Username: user
Password: one2one
APN Host: general.t-mobile.uk

it will then look like this :

http://up2go.co.uk/static/thumb/Screenshot_New_Profile_1.png (http://up2go.co.uk/share/Screenshot_New_Profile_1.png)

click ok

you will then see this screen :

http://up2go.co.uk/static/thumb/Screenshot_Vodafone_Mobile_Connect_Card_driver_for _Linux.png (http://up2go.co.uk/share/Screenshot_Vodafone_Mobile_Connect_Card_driver_for _Linux.png)

at the top click connect and this will appear :

http://up2go.co.uk/static/thumb/Screenshot_Connecting.png (http://up2go.co.uk/share/Screenshot_Connecting.png)

and then you will see this screen :

http://up2go.co.uk/static/thumb/Screenshot_Vodafone_Mobile_Connect_Card_driver_for _Linux_1.png (http://up2go.co.uk/share/Screenshot_Vodafone_Mobile_Connect_Card_driver_for _Linux_1.png)

And you all connected =]