View Full Version : [ubuntu] Atheros card not working from fresh install+ no possible LAN connection

March 12th, 2009, 01:35 PM
Dear all,

I have just installed Ubuntu 8.10 and my card is an Atheros AR5007. It would appear that the Madwifi Atheros drivers have been automatically installed, but as is often the case wireless networking still doesn't seem to be working. I have found various tutorials on how to fix this problem, but they all assume an ability to connect to the internet via a LAN- and the ubuntu repositories to download and unpack the relevant data. I am reliant upon wireless hotspots for my internet so this is not possible. Does anyone know:

(1)how I might be able to download the files from the repositories via windows vista (I'm running a dual-boot system)

(2)Once I've done that, the easiest way of getting them into the right place in my Ubuntu partition (I've not used Ubuntu or linux of a couple of years and I'm a bit rusty)