View Full Version : [ubuntu] one more wpa bug

March 12th, 2009, 12:11 PM
Hello all,

I have found already a lot of information on Internet on this subject but I can not manage to solve my problem.

For information, my wireless card is working fine, as I did test it before. Actually I was able to connect my computer to the Net to a friend's house (using a WEP key).

But here, I am at another friend's house and I can not manage to enter my WPA key. Indeed, Ubuntu, via NetworkManager, only offers me the following possibilities :
key WEP 40/128 bits
secret key WEP 128-bit with secret phrase
Dynamic WEP (802.1x)

But this network allows only WPA which is not in that list. I did of course tested all the keys with the WPA number but no one works.

I have read on the web that I might try to modify a file calld wpa_supplicant.conf and another file called interfaces. I tried it but it did not work anyway.

For information, this person has an Apple computer also connected on this wireless network. Can that be a problem?

I am under Ubuntu 8.10, the intrepid ibex of the Alps!

Thank you in advance!