View Full Version : Mouseless Firefox using standard shortcuts

March 10th, 2009, 06:22 AM
For those of us to want to surf using the keyboard, but found vimperator to be too arcane, this is a short guide to browsing using standard shortcuts. An advantage to using standard shortcuts is that being standard, the shortcuts you learn are also used in many after applications. You also know some on them already elsewhere, so it might building on what you already know.

A few standard keys to get started - Opening and browsing.

Ctrl+N - New Window
Ctrl+Q - Close Window
Ctrl+T - New Tab
Ctrl+W - Close Tab
Ctrl+Tab - Go to the next tab
Ctrl+L - Go to the location/url bar
Alt+Home - Go to Home
Alt+Left - Arrow Back
Alt+Right - Arrow Forward

One of the problems of browsing using the keyboard is a convenient way to click links. Firefox however has a feature called "Quick Find" that automatically finds and highlights text just by typing while you browse a page (and when not typing in a text box on a page). Good for us, Quick Find also recognises when the text you typing is a link, and you can click on on it. Quick Find can be enabled by following to Preference -> Advanced and checking "Search for text when I start typing".

Enter opens the link.

Ctrl+Enter opens it in a new tab,

Shift+Enter opens it in a new window.

So if I wanted to go the Recurring Discussions; I just start typing "Recurring Discussions". Before I finish typing it, Quick Find would of found the link and allowing me to click it.

When the text found is not a link, it just acts like standard find.

Sometimes what you're typing might not be the exact link you wanted, especially if you only type part of a link (e.g If you only type tea, and there's links for green tea, black tea, white tea on the page).

Ctrl+G and Shift+Ctrl+G allows you to find the next and previous instance of that text on the page.

Typing for each link you want might be a bit tiresome, if the link you want is next to the link or text Quick Find has found (e.g You typed tea, and the the link/text for green tea was found, while you want wanted black tea, which was located next to it)

Tab and Shift+Tab goes to the next and previous link from the one you typed.

This is useful when I want to go to the next page of this forum; there are lots of 1, 2, 3 and Last, but only one of "Page X of Y" (which is a text, not a link). So I start typing "Page X of Y" and it'll find the text, then I just Tab to at the links to go to page 2, 3, 4 of the forum and select the one I want.

This covers the basics, I hope people would found it useful, and happy surfing! :)