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March 10th, 2009, 01:31 AM
If you have ever applied for a job on-line for Walmart, CVS Pharmacies, Walgreens, Best Buy, or any of the major grocers or retailers in the past three years you were probably required to take a personality provided by Unicru. I have written a guide which will allow you to pass it every time so that your job application will be seen by management.

I compiled this information from several sources and created a document which explains the test. I intend on expanding it in the future to include more detail about the company and in future versions I will use a question index for easier lookup.

The reason I am providing this document, for no cost and under the terms of the GFDL is because it the kind of profiling being done by Unicru is unethical and there is nothing that can be done short of defeating what is becoming an oligopoly of human resource companies bent on categorizing and cataloging our personalities, faults, and opinions and then using our very one human nature against us by using it to deprive good natured and hard working people of employment and their chance at success.

The very misleading nature of misrepresenting applicants to their companies is misleading and one more reason why, if one encounters a company that uses Unicru that one consider boycotting them and notify the offending company that you are going to do so by sending them both an email to their corporate office and by calling their local outlets. The Unicru Personality Assessment is an insult to the common man’s intelligence and it’s high time that we let corporations like this know that their presence will not be tolerated. We are not slaves, we are not suck-ups and “yes-men.” We are human beings and we want to be treated as human beings, not “human resources.”

March 10th, 2009, 06:57 PM
Version 1.2 -- Includes grammatical corrections in the Prelude and a couple errors in the list.

March 10th, 2009, 10:44 PM
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