View Full Version : [all variants] Install hangs using cd or usb drive

March 9th, 2009, 04:25 PM

I have an eee pc 900, i just swapped the crappy 16Gb ssd for a faster 32gb ssd. I used a usb cd drive to load windoze xp. No problem at all. I have tried to load ubuntu/xubuntu/eebuntu (8.10 and 8.04) over the windows install, using live cds on the same hardware, no luck. In each case, i get the initial install menu, i can select live cd or straight install, makes no difference - after a few seconds of the oscillating blue install thing, it locks solid and the laptop has to be powered down.

I have also tried the exact same process using a USB stick, same results. I know the laptop hardware is ok, windows loaded and the usb ports work with mice, keyboards etc. So WTF doesn't linux load?

I have tried various boot options: noacpi, noapic, nolapic.
I have tried all three usb ports.
I have disabled the built-in card reader.
I have prayed to all the Gods and sacrificed a goat.