View Full Version : KDevelop problem

March 9th, 2009, 12:02 AM
Hi, i am new with linux and programing in kdevelop. I have installed ubuntu 8.10 desktop, and download kdevelop from "add/remove application" menu. First problem was:
libtool: line 2412: mkdir /.libs: No such file or directory
which i solved by creating an empty folder ".libs" in root.

The second problem: i can't execute simple hello world program written in c. The error is folowing:
konsole --workdir '/home/igy/oo/debug/./src' -e /bin/sh -c '/home/igy/oo/debug/./src/oo ; echo "Press Enter to continue!";read dummy'
/bin/sh: konsole: not found
*** Exited with status: 127 ***