View Full Version : [ubuntu] Saving a video screenshot Ubuntu 8.04

March 8th, 2009, 09:50 PM
I tried to capture a screenshot from a digital camera befor I delete the file. I also tried to capture a shot from a NASA TV online video. Screenshot takes the shot and puts it on the desktop as I want, but when I return to the desktop to see if it's what I wanted, I only find a blacked out rectangle for a screenshot. I have tried with MPlayer, Totem Movie Player, Kaffeine, and VLC media player. The camera sends the video as a .MOV file whhich easily opens and plays in Totem. The shots are .png files.

To make matters more interesting, the screenshots worked fine until today.

Same thing after a full shutdown and re-boot.

Even crazier, I just captured a good screenshot of a bald eagle sitting on her nest from a webcam in N.Carolina, and one of a YouTube video, that work as they are supposed to.

Any ideas?