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March 8th, 2009, 12:48 PM
Hi all,

Switched my Dad to Ubuntu as he is a seriously irresponsible user on XP & the internet (A danger, basically, no matter what security measures I put on his system because he tends to just type crap in Google and thinks it's fine - yes, you can guess what type of things he's searching for. Embarrassing for me especially!).

He uses Photoshop CS2, and is pretty much a noob, so switching to GIMP is a serious no-no (He just won't do it).

My problem is that we fixed the issue of Photoshop CS 2 not loading after initial load (created a sh that deleted the pref files) and then fixed the corefonts isssue and also the issue with RAW camera files.

Now there is another issue. No matter what kind of PSD file we create, whether it be a clear white screen or a PSD from a NEF file he can't reopen the PSD file. It says "Could not open because of a program error" or something to that effect.

I had a quick search on Google, but all suggestions linux based seemed to be to use GIMP, which I verified works, but is obviously a no go from his point of view as he just CBA with learning that type of stuff.

I have told him if we can't fix this, I will throw him back on XP and put ourselves through OpenDNS in the hope that he might not basically end up with an entire harddrive trashed through viruses again (Or god knows what it was - it was a mess). He's now in a huff :p.

I would love to put us through OpenDNS anyway, because no matter how I build his system the "warnings" I give him about the dangers of putting random crap into Google and clicking on it "because Google gave the result back" seems to work. I've not approached him over his serial porn downloading issue, but starting to get ticked off with rebuilding this system (Must be about the 5th time).. I try telling him some horror stories revolving around trojans in general but he doesn't get that either. And quite simply his NoScript whitelist (he figured out how to add... DAMNIT.. Until then "this linux is crap!" was all I ever got).. Is just full of porn sites.

Sometimes I have wondered if "giving in" and putting Ubuntu on his system has been the wrong thing to do.. As it is a "promise" of extra protection from these internet nasties and thus he thinks "because I have more protection I can do whatever the hell I like" which makes me angry. As I'm the one with IT experience in the house, I am pretty peaved at the whole situation because I'm the one that's expected to get everything out the proverbial when it hits the fan.

Advice on both issues would help greatly ;).

March 8th, 2009, 02:41 PM
Photoshop issue is fixed.

Although I swore I had corefonts installed, this didn't seem to be the case, it works dandy now.

Any suggestions on the other dodgy issue would be appreciated though ..