View Full Version : [ubuntu] "Installing inside Windows" unepected partitioning request

March 7th, 2009, 11:30 PM
I recently acquired an 8.10 Ubuntu CD via ShipIt and tested it out using its LiveCD option. It works on my older laptop perfectly, so I decided to use the "Install inside Windows" option to test it further.

The installation went smoothly until after the necessary reboot, when it booted into a GNOMEsque interface and proceeded to ask for my Time Zone/City (not unreasonable), but then it asked me how I wanted my hard drive partitioned. It gave me two options, either "Guided = use entire disk" or "manual". I picked "manual" since I don't want to end up reformatting my entire hard drive. It produced a friendly, albeit confusing list of partitions. I Quit the installation at this point, and it took me to a perfectly functional GNOME desktop.

I rebooted, and my Windows XP system started perfectly (as I expected). I rebooted into Ubuntu again, and I got the Time Zone/Repartitioning window again.

I checked all of the "Install inside Windows" and Wubi websites that had screenshots, and none of them had any mention of a post-Wubi repartitioning step.

Is this normal, or is my install CD messed up? I got it straight from Canonical, so I am forced to doubt the latter.

Thanks in advance!