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March 6th, 2009, 05:12 PM
Did you ever imagine that a Keyboard would drive you nuts oneday? Making you scratch your head and feeling like a total newbie?

Okay here is a story for you, showing that Keyboards are really EVIL!

I went yesterday to a relative of mine, who bought a brand new computer and wanted me to pimp it for him, (because I'm the legendary computer techie of the family, hey!)

First, I managed to repartition his HDD, so I plugged in Ubuntu live cd, repartitioned, formatted etc. then plugged in Windows XP installation cd (because he wanted Windows XP, yes, I wish I could just install Ubuntu and move on my way!)

The installation went ok, then got to the stage where you should restart your computer, so I restarted the computer, n found the setup starting from scratch, AGAIN! So, I just rebooted the computer again, after removing the CD and let it boot from HDD.

Installation was done, rebooted again and then got into Windows. First surprise was, I was in safe mode. Also I didn manage to do that, so I rebooted again, spammed F8 and chose the Normal boot option, Windows booted up in safe mode, YET AGAIN.

At this stage I felt, 'kinda' lost.. googled and found some solutions they included checking the msconfig and removing the /safeboot option. Did that, plus all the solutions I could find, but I was still not able to boot normally.

I started scratching my head, thinking what would cause that... ummm I was completely lost. More googling for about an hour lead me to a topic, where some guy had the same problem.

At first the computer was booting from cd all the time, (maybe it was drunk, or just didnt like me) then after sucessfull installation, it booted in safe mode all the time.

The problem for that was, a Keyboard key was stuck. YES STUCK! DO U HEAR ME? A stuck key on keyboard made me lose my mind yesterday, and I didn even think about that. So, the first thing I did was.. throwing the Keyboard from window? (no I wish I could do that!) I plugged in another Keyboard which was not so evil, and it let me log into Windows normally, NOT IN SAFE MODE, FINALLY, YES!!

So here is a lesson for you, if you ever find your computer going nuts, first thing to do is, SHOOT THE DARN KEYBOARD!

Have a nice one! :P

March 6th, 2009, 05:51 PM
Last Saturday I wasted €25 on a new keyboard, a sleek thin one with a crispy laptop-style touch and multimedia keys, for variety's sake after using a plain vanilla keyboard for almost eight years. It just makes my hands hurt, the key bevels are so shallow I can't really feel them when I slide my fingers across keys, and the right shift key won't trigger properly unless I consciously hit it in the center. It's a nightmare—and I just unplugged it a couple of minutes ago and dug up my old keyboard from the trash. Keyboard hell indeed.

The exact same thing happened to me two years ago when I decided to replace my ancient ball mouse with a fancy wireless laser thing with extra buttons and a four-way wheel which turned out garbage, pixelating randomly and useless for anything that requires precision. I'm still using that ball mouse and I'm chronically afraid of buying replacement input devices for fear they turn out to be unusable wastes of money.