View Full Version : [ubuntu] Basic Samba Question.

March 5th, 2009, 06:56 AM
I have several shares set up. 3 of them are mapped to another hard drive in the system entirely used for backup storage. The 4th share is my share, which is routed to my home directory so if I access my aging iBook with a 30gb hard drive, I can remote in through Samba and have access to all of my pictures, music, etc.

On a windows machine, particularly my work laptop with XP Pro SP3 running on it, when I do start - run - \\jason-intrepid (computer name to my linux/samba computer) I am presented with a window with all of the available shares.

Once in a while, if I click "jason" it says network path not found.

At this point, if I click any other share, it'll prompt me for a username/password box. If I hit cancel and double click on "jason" again, then the username/password box comes up, so I log in to my password protected share, and all is well.

But why is it only my share that often times needs to be clicked elsewhere before mine works? If I double click any other share, it works first try. At least, every time I've given it a shot it's worked that way.

Any thoughts? It's really not a problem, I just wanted to poke around for an answer if it's out there.