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December 27th, 2005, 02:51 AM
I have the latest Debain CD's And the latest MEPIS dvd and I have downloaded that UBUNTU instal disk to my hard drive and burn it tomorrow,
I just want to say as a Linux newbie I am amazed how easy many of the systems opperate and load, I accidentally wiped my XP with that MEPIS installer and had a terriable time loading those XP drivers, even though I had the Driver Disk from the Company , it seems many of the newer driver require you to read a review approve prior to loading this requires a R click on the CD not from the usual load screen but from that review cd feature. I had to pay 28 bucks to my software/hardware company to learn how to do this soooo if you ever want to reload winwows as a primary it may be a little trickier than those win wows 98 driver disk ps tell everyone that way they don't have to pay to learn like I did..
I really like how the linux systems don't seem to hang on any minor problems when loading even the boot features on the CD systems works on many of the systems I ve tried it on XP,98,WN2000 . HP,systemax amd64,and a older ibm clone this amazes me to think the great MS and write software this easy to load.
And for some reason all my newer drivers work on each and every feature without any driver disk.
SO Good Job you LINUX writers , hackers, and forum moderators I am impressed.
After reading the reviews of best gadgets for 2005 on that PC review forum your OS made the list..
So hey I figured what the HEY I better thry this one toooo.

December 27th, 2005, 03:29 AM

However, even though I hate windows, I have to defend them. In XP, if you have disks for ALL your hardware, you will have no problem. The drivers will be old, but they work.

Still SLOW though... :P

December 27th, 2005, 04:58 AM
thats true with the older systems but many of the high end pc's have complicated drivers that will not auto load and the xp drivers will not find the correct setting's example
1. nvida network bus would'nt auto-load
2. the nvida norce controller wouldn't even load nor the win xp drivers
3. neither sata hard drive controllers would load
4. the pci standard host pci bridge wouldn't work with xp drivers.
So everything was pretty much broke.
But the mepis boot disk loaded everything right first time after a re-boot.
Thats what I mean about driver compatability versus autoload it was amazing .
Doug .