View Full Version : Dual boot raid0 with extra drive

diablo negro
March 3rd, 2009, 08:13 PM
I have xubuntu installed on 2 500GB drives in a raid 0 setup, with xp pro on a 160GB drive - all sata.

when i have just the raid 0 drives plugged in, system works fine. when xp dive is in raid fails and i had to re-install raid drives and xubuntu (did not know how to recover the failed raid or xubuntu os).

after raid check during boot i plugged in 160GB xp drive and booted successfully. i could see the 160GB xp drive and mount it.

question is how do i have the raid 0 array and the 160GB xp drive show up on boot. does the xp drive need the grub installed on it? or should i install the ntfs from the add/remove?

i do not wan't to have to re-install xubuntu again (and re-set up compiz!), and i want to get back to farcry 2 and sony acid music studio!

any help would be appreciated.