View Full Version : [ubuntu] wodim blocking, won't exit

March 3rd, 2009, 07:17 PM
I right-clicked an ISO to burn to a disc

I inserted a blank when it asked

It then proceeded, but another popup asked what i wanted to do with the inserted blank disk (as if I had randomly inserted it without prompting). I clicked cancel.

Preparing to burn was up for over an hour before I tried to stop it

The /dev/scd0 device is blocking (I think) wreaking havoc on vmware

I cannot kill the 2 wodim processes running

Anyway to recover?

intrepid x86_64

user@host:~$ lsof | grep scd0
wodim 2163 user 3u BLK 11,0 5296 /dev/scd0
wodim 2246 user 3u BLK 11,0 5296 /dev/scd0