View Full Version : [ubuntu] router with port forwarding

March 3rd, 2009, 05:09 AM
Im going to be setting up a router on an old ibm system and i am not particularly comfortable with iptables. i usually use ufw to do firewalls on regular systems but from what i understand there is no way to do port forwarding or it is very complex. what im looking for is a console program or web/http based way to do port forwarding similar to how it works on a linksys or netgear router. i would prefer to stick with ubuntu server rather than a distro specifically tailored to routing and would like to stay away from firewalls that require X. i read through the following page from gentoo's site on how to setup a router.
im just would like an easier way to manage the router as far as port forwarding and ip blocking is concerned. i read the iptables man page and find it rather confusing still.