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| MM |
March 3rd, 2009, 03:51 AM

I have four PC's on a network. One, a crusty OLD PC with no monitor that is connected to a sound system. And three PC's that belong to individuals whom all would like to play their digital music collections through the lounge sound system.

Now the old PC has only 4GB of HDD space, and it currently has Win XP Pro installed.

I was hoping someone could recommend a upnp setup in which each of the PC's with music collections could share their collections with the OLD PC, while at the same time being control points such that they can control or modify a play queue/playback on the OLD PC.

Here's a picture if it helps:

Here are my thoughts on the basic upnp setup:

1) on the OLD PC i install some upnp media renderer
2) each of the networked PC's with music collections have a upnp media server installed
3) each of the networked PC's with music collections also have some kind of control point software installed

Question time:
1) Is this roughly a correct upnp setup, and would i achieve what i hope for?
2) On the network we have 1x Ubuntu system, 2x WindowsXPPro and 1x MacOSX. So i need to find software that will provide the functionality i desire, communicating between a variety of desktop environs. Cross platform software would be ideal, but if it required different software for each OS, then so be it... . What recommendations do people have as far as Media Servers, Media Renderers and Control Points, given my situation? Moreover at this point in time I'll only be sharing music, not vid for the time being.

NB: Where possible GUI's are preferred.

Comments, thoughts and theories much appreciated!