View Full Version : Hello to all

December 26th, 2005, 04:24 PM
A big Hi to you all.

After flirting with linux in the past (wich wasn't a success), I'm now a 80% + user of Ubuntu.(for about 2 weeks now) I had allmost forgotten how much fun a computer could be.
After installing the x64 version a few times, I decided it wasn't worth the extra hassle yet. Now running the normal 32bit version, and enjoying every seccond of it.
I've learned quite a few things here on the forums allready :D .

As a gamer I still have to use Window$ now and then. But I'm sure I'll get that sorted too.

Gonna check cedega out (what wouldn't run on my attempts on x64).

Hope I'll gonna be a positive contributor to this comunity, as many I have had the pleasure of learning from on these forums.