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March 2nd, 2009, 10:59 AM
I recently went through and had a very astounding revelation.
Mac Mini----------------$799
similar configured PC---$803

I went through NewEgg to price the following.
Hard Drive------50
DVD Burner------20
WiFi Card-------10
Power Supply----40
Media Remote----30
Grand Total-----803

Windows Vista Home Premium
Coffee Cup HTML 2008
Adobe Photo Manager CS4
FL Studio 8.1

Everything except for the Case (LianLi) and Power Supply I sorted by "Lowest Price". We all need sexy cases!

Mac is cheaper than a PC given the specs and included stuff! Sure you can cut cost on the case, but even a cheap computer should at least look good. I have learned over time not to skip out on the power supply. If you buy a cheap one it will end up costing you more as the cheaper ones do not have safe guards in place. Even if you have a UPS a cheap power supply can kill hardware.

The processor is an Intel core 2 duo laptop 2.0 ghz processor, and the ram is laptop DDR2 Ram. Spec for spec the Mac Mini is cheaper. Not to mention the Mac Mini uses a slot loading laptop DVD burner, which on newegg is like 79.99. I however thought it only fair to give PC the cheaper DVD 5.25 burner as cheap as I could find. The processor for the PC is still the cheaper 2.0 GHZ dual core 2 duo. The Ram for PC is cheap kingston full DDR2 ram of the same speed.

There is a cheaper version of the Mini, $599. So I guess if you use FOSS software the PC could come to about $433, but you don't get some applications. You could run FL Studio in Wine knocking price up to $553. Cost is close, however it seems Apple may be losing money on the mini. :guitar:

December 6th, 2009, 05:29 AM
I'm truly glad someone else realizes this.
But, please, keep your non-question wisdom in your blog. The forum is the place to direct insight at inquisition.