View Full Version : [ubuntu] want to upgrade gnome panel

February 27th, 2009, 04:11 PM
i installed a deb package to hack gtk, to get the ´file, edit´ menus on the gnome panel... i had several problems, first it downgraded the gnome panel, and now it doesnt display at al, it doesnt even start, it doesnt get online when i start the computer (i´m posting from another pc), so i cannot upgrade the gnome panel again... when i type gnome-panel on the terminal to start it, i get the following error message:

simon@simon-laptop:~/Desktop$ gnome-panel
(gnome-panel:23669): libglade-WARNING **: could not find glade file '/usr/share/gnome-panel/glade/clock.glade'
** ERROR **: /usr/share/gnome-panel/glade/clock.glade not found; this installation is incorrect.

is there anyway in which i can get a deb package to upgrade the gnome-panel or a way to get online using the shell so i can upgrade from the shell?

i´m traveling this afternoon so the help is gonna be very apreciated!!!... thanx in advance