View Full Version : [ubuntu] Single CPU To Support 3 Users at Same Time

February 26th, 2009, 11:26 AM
Hello all,

In my office there is three Ubuntu Hardy LTS installation.All of them have there own CPU.Now iam planning to use just one cpu and support two more users.That is a Ubuntu hardy with 3 user at same time

My system is intel core duo,ram 1GB,HDD 300GB.I hope we can support multiple monitor by providing multiple graphics card.But i don't know how to do this.Mother board has now 3 slot.1 is used for wireless network adapter,other for my system graphics card and one is free.Is the mother board slot can be extended.if so pls give the hardware details to extend it. Similarly can we extend the usb port to support two mice and two additional keyboard.Finally how to do the over all configuration.