View Full Version : [ubuntu] Desktop gone and standard fixes are confounding me!

February 25th, 2009, 10:19 PM
Hello. I am using 8.10 on a Dell Mini 9. Despite dire warning about mixing Netbook Remix and enabling compiz, I threw caution to the wind ;). I was trying to use desktop-switcher to switch from Netbook Remix desktop theme and a traditional desktop theme with compiz enabled on highest setting.

There were dire consequences...I no longer have a desktop. I removed the Netbook Remix app and all of its dependencies. I removed the desktop-switcher app. I disabled the compiz settings.

I tried a number of solutions. The first being reconfigureing xserver.xorg. After I begin the reconfigure, I only get as far as resetting the keyboard defaults before I get kicked back to failsafe terminal with:

xserver.xorg postinst warning:overwriting possibly-customised configuration file;backup in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.20090255111540

I have tried

sudo xstart

only to get this fatal error

X:warning;process set to priority -1 instead of requested priority 0
fatal server error:
Server is already active for display 0
If this server is no longer running,remove /tmp/.XO-lock and start again

If anyone has a clue to what is going on, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance