View Full Version : [ubuntu] autohide windows taskbar when doing seamless RDP

February 25th, 2009, 08:52 PM
Hi :)

I run a seamless RDP session to the windows XP machine, where the desktop is turned off and seamlessrdpshell is started with the explorer only. The effect is (as you may know) that the windows start menu and task bar ist visible on the linux desktop. I'm running compiz fusion in 8.04 LTS.

When I enable the autohide feature of the taskbar, it disappears initially. However, when I move the mouse over the taskbar area it re-appears but than stays visible and will not autohide anymore. Checking the properties of the taskbar still shows the autohide box checked.

That is kind of annoying and I would be very happy, if the autohide would work.

IS anybody else observing this behavior and is there a work-around available.

Thanks and cheers,