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February 25th, 2009, 05:26 PM
I started to install ubuntu but it would not let me partition the hard drive for dual boot. I had everything backed up in vista so it does not matter if I have to start over. Can I make it dual boot with only Ubuntu on it now? I have the recovery disk for my computer. I'm ok with computers, I've never partition a drive before. Would a program like Partition Magic be better for me? And is there one for Ubuntu?

Also I have a few problems with ubuntu now. I hope someone can help me. I'm at work now not at my computer. This is what I have:

The problems so far is it won't let me install driver for graphics card. Says something about not activated. But it gives me an error. Also my wireless keyboard and mouse that came with my computer. The keyboard works but not the mouse.

I have yet to install mythtv, I hope it will work with my ATI TV Wonder Digital Tuner. I have someone coming out to my house Saturday to install DTV Satellite TV. So I might need to get it to dual boot in case they can't hook it up.

Also how do you get different versions of ubuntu like kubuntu, mythbuntu (if one of those would be better for my system or what I want it to do.)

Also how do I take the password off, every time I try and add something or update it asks for passowrd. Can I take that off?

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I'm on yahoo if someone wants to add me. Would like to learn more.

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Mark Phelps
February 25th, 2009, 08:15 PM
Why don't you start by describing what you HAVE done to date. For example, you mention Vista and dual boot and partitioning -- but it's not clear what you have already done.

Did you install Ubuntu and wipe out Vista?

Did you install Ubuntu inside Vista using Wubi?

Did you figure out how to do the dual-boot and are using both Vista and ubuntu?

Are you running from the LiveCD?

If the latter is the case, be aware that anything that does not work when running from the LiveCD is going to be anywhere from a little effort to a great deal of effort to get working after you install Ubuntu. If you're not up to opening a command terminal, running commands, posting results here, editing system files manually, there's no point in installing Ubuntu unless everything you want to do works "out of the box".

February 25th, 2009, 09:34 PM
I was going to have it dual boot, but in the process it froze when it was creating the partition. So I wiped out Vista, and it just has Ubunut on it. I also have a second hard drive 500 GB and it won't let me open it.

I downloaded the iso and burned to disk. I don't mine taking the time, but I would like to have it daul boot. Becuase I have some programs I can't run in Ubuntu. Like Spore, EA games, and photoshop.