View Full Version : [ubuntu] ompiz mouse clicks no longer work over Gnome panel

February 25th, 2009, 12:17 PM
Compiz mouse clicks no longer work over Gnome panel

Hello all

Perhaps a recent update caused this, but when I try to edge click over a Gnome Panel (full-width) to, for example, change virtual desktops or go to Expo mode, it no longer recognises it. I am using the latest Ubuntu with all patches installed.

I have a panel at the top of my screen, and when I try to click on the top edge of the screen, panel actions like application switching are triggered instead. This is annoying as I now can only go to "down", "left" and "right" desktops! If I remove the panel, it works perfectly.

I am pretty sure this only happened recently: any suggestions as to how to sort this?


February 27th, 2009, 12:52 PM
Issue became worse as no screen edges worked if apps were maximised. Problem went away with reboot.