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February 25th, 2009, 10:02 AM
So on day 4 of my Ubuntu 8.10 installation, i decided it was time to customize my desktop and install some cool themes and customize my desktop..

I did so, had lots of fun modifying metacity.xml files & finally got my desktop looking just how I wanted it. So as with every modification, it was time for the final test, rebooting the machine.

I closed out the programs i had open & ran sudo reboot
-upon rebooting, i noticed my desktop was taking longer than usual to load up and once it did, my customized font colors appeared for a second or two and then reverted to the regular theme that was there before maybe an hour of customization and tweaking.. lol

I clicked on system / preferences / appearance, and immediately got the error "There was an error starting the GNOME Settings Daemon. Some things, such as themes, sounds, or background settings may not work correctly.. "

-now i'm kicking myself for not recording the exact error because the next part of that message was unlike anything else i've been able to find while i was searching for a fix to the problem.. the next part said something like "this might be caused by another theme service such as KDE trying to start.."

anyway, after searching for a while & not being able to find any info that seemed to relate to my issue (system clock was fine, nothing about a remote application not sending a reply..) i decided to removing KDE and the files related to it from my system.

but first, i uninstalled emerald:

sudo apt-get remove emerald
sudo apt-get autoremove emerald
sudo reboot

this didn't resolve the issue, same lag loading the desktop, and same error when i went into system / preferences / appearance

so i decided to get rid of KDE, i ran:

sudo apt-get remove KDE
sudo apt-get autoremove KDE

then i removed all the KDE entries from synaptic (system / administration / synaptic packet manager)

sudo reboot

before logging in, i clicked on settings and enabled GNOME

-same issue.. lol.. at this point i was getting really frustrated & was considering a re-install, but i decided to try one more thing..

i went back into synaptic (system / administration / synaptic packet manager) and did a search for KDE..
-then i clicked every KDE entry that had the Ubuntu logo next to it that seemed grapic / visual related.. in other words, i didn't bother with the stuff that looked like it was related to the educational programs. then i installed all those entries back into the system
-then i ran:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo reboot

and to my suprise and utter relief, my customized desktop came up promptly & just as i had saved it!! i did some more customizations just to be sure.. saved & rebooted again.. desktop loaded up fast with correct settings.. i accessed the appearance options again.. no error

i have been running the computer consistently since last night with multiple reboots even logging into vista occasionally lol and have not seen the error one time.

hope this helps someone.. i came to linux because i was tired of seeing constant errors & system slowdowns in windoze, i don't think anyone should have to settle for that in linux:D

i included a pic of my current desktop.. i had to scale it down a bit.. i'm running TwinView with my laptop screen at 1366x768 and my hdtv at 1360x768 for a combined resolution of 2726x768:guitar:

February 25th, 2009, 03:44 PM
i was able to replicate and triple-replicate this issue.. and this time i did get a screenshot.. even thought i forgot to move the screenshot dialogue box away from the error lol.. but it will do.

so the exact error is:

Unable to start the settings manager 'gnome-settings-daemon'. Without the GNOME settings manager running, some preferences may not take effect. This could indicate a problem with Bonobo, or a non-GNOME (e.g. KDE) settings manager may be active and conflicting with the GNOME settings manager.

now that i got the wording right, i did find a similar thread here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=955679
-that error however seemed to be related to an update libgstlibvisual.so, which is currently not listed in synaptic packet manager
and i also noticed that following that fix some people had to add the volume control back to their panel after the fix, and in their case the issue also affected pidgin.
-i had no issues with pidgin or my volume control disappearing

the issue definitely stems from an update, a kde related update to be exact.. which one exactly.. couldn't tell you.. i could've sat & messed with synaptic packet manager for a while & figured it out through a process of elimination but i didn't feel like it.. feel free to give it a try.

here is how i was able to consistently replicate the problem:

i ran:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo reboot

what do you know, when the system rebooted.. my desktop was slow to load again and once my launchers had loaded on my panel, my theme settings disappeared & reverted to the default look. i clicked on launcher to change appearance settings (shortcut for system / preferences / appearance) and there was the error

so again, i went to synaptic packet manager, did a search for kde, highlighted everything that showed up, right-clicked & selected remove.. that took about a minute or 2 then it gave me verification prompt, i clicked yes, and all the kde related stuff was removed

then i ran:

sudo apt-get remove kde
sudo apt-get autoremove kde
sudo reboot

the desktop reloaded promptly without any errors.. i clicked on system / preferences / appearance.. no error message, everything was fine.. i was able to select my saved customized theme.. the only difference being that it was lacking the icons i had selected during customization which are part of the kde default packet.

i rebooted the system about 3 times just to be sure, came up fine everytime.

so this time i decided to try something different.. lol
i ran:

sudo apt-get install kde

that took a while because it was installing everything kde related lol. once it was done, i rebooted & sure enough the error was back.

so again i removed kde & all its dependencies & rebooted.. no error, system runs great

but i still wanted my kde related icons back & i do use pidgin so re-installed the necessary packets from source manager & everything is back to normal.. verified that by doing numerous reboots.. no issues

so.. this issue is definitely caused by a kde related update.. maybe later if i get bored i'll screw around & try to figure out which one it is.. like i said, i did a search for libgstlibvisual.so, that doesn't seem to be a currently available update. i currently have libsgutils1 installed, and thats the closest thing i could even find to that.

so if you come accross this problem, one sure fix is to get rid of the kde stuff & manually put back what you need.. provided you know what that is :smile:

July 10th, 2009, 03:05 PM
Another possible fix to try in addition to the above:

Although this issue is marked SOLVED I had this error recur after a major update to Ubuntu Hardy 8.04.2 in July '09 and along with the bootup error reported in these posts I took a major performance hit. Ultimately I booted into recovery mode and took a shot at running gnome-config at the command line. The system reported that it was not installed so I issued the "sudo apt-get install gnome-config" command to install. After installation rather than even try running it I just rebooted. The gnome error message as described in these posts disappeared while the overall performance was back to normal. I didn't even have to run gnome-config.

Ian Eales
December 24th, 2009, 07:34 PM
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS x64
In the GUI : System / Adimistration / Connections

Unlock Wired Connection Properties disable Roaming and set Automatic Configuration DHCP.
this made the above changes to the hosts and interfaces files