View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problem with multi-sessions

February 25th, 2009, 04:43 AM
When I installed Ubuntu on my pc, it asked me for a username, I typed "pancho", and so my account was created. After that, I applied some visual effects, installed Compiz Fusion to have the cube thing, and awn dock bar.
Everything was going great until I created another account (Administration ->Users And Groups) with "marle" as its username.
At first it was weird, because I logged in with the "pancho" account, then switched to the "marle" account (without logging out from pancho), and I couldn't get the awn to work. But I thought it was just a matter of permissions and stuff.
But one day, I logged in from "marle" first, and that time the awn did work, but then I switched to "pancho", and ALL the visual effects where gone, and I couldn't get the dock.
Then I went (still within "pancho"), to System-> Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects, and it was set to "None". Also, I couldn't change that, I tried setting it to "Normal" and "Extra" and it wouldn't let me.
I restarted the whole thing, logged in from pancho and then I was able to reconfigure everything.
Have I made a common mistake I'm not aware of? Does somebody know what the causes of the problem could be? And most important, how could I solve it?
Thanks in advance!