View Full Version : [ubuntu] gnome apperance & window prefs bug?

February 24th, 2009, 11:02 PM
Hi there.

New ubuntu user, here. Brand new install of ubuntu 8.10, x86/32 bit, with all updates.

I have firefox and thunderbird working and sharing profiles with winxp. Working fine. Except the thunderbird mail notification to the system tray does not work.

Is it supposed to?

When I go to system=>preferences=>windows and ask it to do 'maximize vertically' when I double click a title bar, it always fully maximizes. Same with 'maximize horizontally'. Only Roll-up, and 'do nothing' have the correct effect.

Is this a known bug?

system=>preferences=>keyboard=>general menu, the key press repeat speed slider has no effect. And the "long" delay slider is not long enough.

Is there a non graphical work around?

In the system=>preferences=>Appearance menu, the help button does not work - no help loaded? Or a bug?

For the background wallpaper, what is the difference between 'zoom', 'scaled' or 'fill screen'? All seem identical..

In terms of special desktop visual effects, is there any finer selection than none/normal/extra?

Is this using compiz fusion, or what?

I just figured out how to turn off the virtual desktop. But I'd rather keep it on, and just prevent if from scrolling away when I use a mouse wheel on the desktop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems mostly ok, otherwise.

Thanks in advance!