View Full Version : editing and formatting text with Inkscape

February 24th, 2009, 03:59 PM
Hi all,

I just started to work with Inkscape.

I have a problem with editing and formatting text:
- after editing a text object with the "text and font" tool (adding a word in a sentence, for example), the font suddenly becomes smaller
- when I try to get the former font size back (20, for example), I can't: it stays smaller (and it is also smaller than other text objects that are mentioned with a font size at 20, which I find really strange).

Can anyone explain that or offer a solution? It's really annoying because it means I can't edit text anymore once it is created. I can't either modify the size of the fonts if I want all the text objects with the same size.


(NB: it's not clear for me whether this is the right place to post about Inkscape - some do it in the "multimedia" categories)