View Full Version : [gnome] Nautilus missing window borders with compiz enabled

February 23rd, 2009, 05:25 AM
I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 and whenever I have compiz desktop effects enabled, nautilus loses its window borders (title, minimize/maximize buttons). It seems to be just nautilus that's affected, other applications still have window borders and if I turn off compiz (set the visual effects to none under system->preferences->appearance) then the window borders reappear for nautilus. Does anyone know what might be causing this and what I could try to fix it?

February 23rd, 2009, 10:41 AM
Install the application fusion-icon

sudo apt-get install fusion-icon

Set it to run at startup in Preferences->Sessions

There'll be an icon in your notification area that has an option to select the type of window border, choose GTK (metacity) or Emerald.

February 24th, 2009, 04:31 AM
That's good to know, I already had fusion-icon installed but I didn't know that it could more easily switch between window managers with it. It's still a little annoying to have to switch back to metacity every time I want to use nautilus though. Is there anything else to try to get the window decorations to be enabled with compiz? I currently only have GTK Window Decorator available under the window decorator options. Are there other window decorators that might work better?


February 24th, 2009, 08:13 AM
Emerald or Kwin