View Full Version : [ubuntu] Issue connecting to my router

February 23rd, 2009, 01:48 AM
Guys, I need some help connecting to my wireless router. The router has a MAC ID, WEP Key and ESS ID written on it. When I click on the wireless icon on my desktop it shows the router and when I click on the router a box opens that asks for authorization for the wireless network and gives me 4 choices in the dropdown WEP 40/128 bit Key, WEP 128 bit Passphrase, LEAP and Dynamic WEP(802.1x). Whatever I pick does not work. Also the verizon router instruction says I need to set my laptop wireless WEP to 64/40 as the route is set to that. How do I do that? Also where do I go to enter the same information I am given on the router (See Above).