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February 22nd, 2009, 02:43 PM
HI all,

Not sure if I am in the right forum but if I am not could some please direct me to right place!

For giggles and laughs (and just because) I am 'remixing' Ubuntu for my own needs, and following the excellent write found here:

I have taken the commands, manipulated them to run as some scripts but I hit a problem I creating the splash screen.

The article make reference to
^Xsplash.rle being at the start of the isolinux.txt. My script creates the isolinux.txt but I cant seem to get the splash screen to work :(

I think(?) it is because the ^X is suppose to be a control character not just a '^' followed by a 'X', but I am not sure...

The isolinux.txt file is created by ehco'ing the contents to the isolinux.txt file.

echo "
This is an Ubuntu Remix Live CD.

For the default live system, enter "live".
To verify the CD for errors, enter "check".
To run memtest86+, enter "memtest"
" > image/isolinux/isolinux.txt

So my question is:
Is the '^X' part of the isolinux.txt file just that or is it some hidden character control?
How would I replicate this in a simple echo?

According to the instructions in the article the characters are : control + V and then control + X which for when trying to recreate this in 'editor' does nothing then exits...

Hope someone can help!

February 22nd, 2009, 11:23 PM

Sorted it.

Open a terminal:

Type 'echo' then press control V then X then type '>a.txt'

This pipes out the 'control character' to a text file.

My splash screen now works and I have the scripts I need to create a new Live CD whenever needed :p