View Full Version : [ubuntu] So many errors with installing

February 22nd, 2009, 01:35 PM
I have Windows 7 installed and want to dual boot it and Ubuntu. I've tried 4 times without success. The fist time it got to the black screen with the crosshair cursor. The second time it went to a blue-black screen. Last few times it's come up with errors.

softreset failed device not ready was included in all of them, the first one was something about
dev sr0, sector ########
error on device sr0, locial block ####
The numbers differ every line of text
The second was about my usb hub, and how the cable could be bad
The third time it went through a list saying [OK] after every item, at the end of the list, a black screen with purple, green, red and blue scratchy like things show up at the top. Back to the crosshair screen. Waited for a while, and it booted to the installation popup. I set my partition size and while it was loading the changes, the system interupted itself by going back to that checklist. A box the poped up saying my display has turned itself off 6 times in the last 90 seconds and something bad is going on. So i clicked okay after the two minutes it suggested. Everything keeps changing from one screen to another. (checklist, black screen, black screen with red blue scratchy color at top) Please help :(