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February 22nd, 2009, 12:56 PM
Hi everyone. I`m new here so excuse me if i`m not posting where i should.

I`m using ubuntu 8.10 for 2 weeks or so and after i fiddled with it and installed applications like any other user.
Today when i started the PC and ran ubuntu, i tried to open pidgin and it won`t start. Then i wanted to lunch firefox to search for this problem and all my bookmarks and history disappeared. I tried restarting the PC but no result. I then uninstalled a plugin from firefox and restarted the PC and now it works fine. I don`t know if that was the problem, but is there anyway i can find out exactly what caused it?

UPDATE: pidgin still crashes when i try to open it.

February 22nd, 2009, 02:24 PM
Regarding these crashes:

- is Firefox working fine now that you've removed the add-on?

- are there error messages that happen when they're crashing?

Sometimes this sort of thing is related to compiz, the program that provides all the eyecandy effects.

February 22nd, 2009, 04:27 PM
firefox seams to work fine now, but pidgin still doesn`t work. no error message, no nothing. I just doesn`t start.

February 22nd, 2009, 04:31 PM
I'd like to add to this and say that Pidgin occasionally dies for no apparent reason. It isn't permanent and does no damage but it gets annoying.

February 22nd, 2009, 05:23 PM
go to the terminal and type pidin and incase you see any error message..post it.. did you install any add-on to pidgin recently??

February 23rd, 2009, 10:09 AM
I`m very confused. Today when I started the PC pidgin is working fine, but firefox is the problem. as described in my first post, the bookmarks are gone and all the history. it`s just like in safe mode.

I don`t know what to think. maybe if i restart my PC, pidgin won`t work but firefox will.

February 23rd, 2009, 10:49 AM
I am not sure about pidgin but i once had the same problem with firefox..
and the problem was some file permissions in the .mozilla folder.
so jst change the permissions and ownership..

sudo chown -R user:user ~/.mozilla/
Hope this helps..