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February 22nd, 2009, 05:50 AM
first hello everyone, I am glad to be finally here after years of nosing around.
so, I want to install ubuntu, read a lot and again and want to start and stuck. this reading will take a lifetime, need a little personal push to start rolling. hers my story:
- 2-3 weeks back I did a last format and install XP on my laptop.
- but first fdisk format my HDD in the oldfashined way,
- 3 partitions, C=ntfs; D=ntfs; E=fat32; so not much editing now or moving or resizing;
- with in mind to install and load the full XP and down the road if anything wrong just format the C again, right?
- to have the D for data
- to have the E as fat32, where I shall be able to put the ubuntu
- now, whenn I want to install from CD, I can not see my drives anymore, and don't have that control I got used to.
- a bit scary how to make ubuntu jump that fat32 partition?
- or wherever, but don't really want to harm again the fresh fully loaded XP, we know could take a good day or two to make it nicely fit.
pls, tell me

February 22nd, 2009, 06:06 AM
while ubuntu can run on fat32, it's kinda sucky. have you tried a gparted live disc for partitioning? you could use that to reformat your fat32 to ext3.