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February 22nd, 2009, 02:07 AM
all of the postings and info i've turned up in searches regarding
linux, debian, or ubuntu on a mac pro seem to assume osx is
installed. when trying out new things, i like to thoroughly
separate my stable system from my testing system by removing the
stable drive and using a clean drive in its place. that assures me
that i won't accidentally do something bad to my stable drive's
contents - the entire system.

i'm interested in trying out ubuntu studio as well as 64studio. in
looking into these i've found a lot of discussion about efi, mbr,
and graphics cards but the assumption in discussing installation is
always that osx is in the system and refit and bootcamp are
possibly in use.

what do i do in my scenario, though? i will have a clean system
with no existing partitions or operating systems. can ubuntu be
installed on a mac pro in this scenario? is there a guide anywhere
as to how to do this?

just for laughs, i tried the latest 8.10 64bit install disk. it
began the install ok but reached a point where the screen blanked
and that was it. had to do a hard reset and remove the drive and
go back to my osx system.

would love to try these things but at a loss as to how to proceed.
pointers welcome.

(system specs follow)

Hardware Overview:

Model Name: Mac Pro
Model Identifier: MacPro3,1
Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz
Number Of Processors: 2
Total Number Of Cores: 8
L2 Cache (per processor): 12 MB
Memory: 2 GB
Bus Speed: 1.6 GHz
Boot ROM Version: MP31.006C.B05
SMC Version: 1.25f4


Revision: BC14
Detachable Drive: No
Protocol: ATAPI
Unit Number: 0
Socket Type: Internal
Low Power Polling: Yes

ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT:

Chipset Model: ATI Radeon HD 2600
Type: Display
Bus: PCIe
Slot: Slot-1
PCIe Lane Width: x16
VRAM (Total): 256 MB
Vendor: ATI (0x1002)
Device ID: 0x9588
Revision ID: 0x0000
ROM Revision: 113-B1480A-252
EFI Driver Version: 01.00.252
Hanns.G HG281:
Resolution: 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
Depth: 32-bit Color
Core Image: Hardware Accelerated
Mirror: Off
Online: Yes
Quartz Extreme: Supported
Rotation: Supported
Television: Yes
Resolution: 3840 x 1024 @ 60 Hz
Depth: 32-bit Color
Core Image: Hardware Accelerated
Main Display: Yes
Mirror: Off
Online: Yes
Quartz Extreme: Supported
Rotation: Supported

February 22nd, 2009, 03:46 PM
It sounds like you are taking the right approach. You will very likely need to burn a refit cd in order to sync the partition tables properly after installing.

I don't know what the problem is with your installer hangup. You might try the alternative install cd.

"Installation" is pretty much the same for any mac. Check out the Apple Intel Installation wiki:

Once you get the system installed and working, you can probably put both drives in your mac, install refit and choose to boot between them. You will run into the multiple hard drive oddity that occurs though: