View Full Version : [ubuntu] two sound cards

February 21st, 2009, 07:22 AM
Hi, I'm new to linux. Cheers. Nice to make my first post on ubuntuforums, I've found practically all my solutions to my problems here. So, It's my 3rd day using Ubuntu(8.04), took 2 days to configure my Wifi, and 1 day to get my sound completely functional. But now I'm wondering about how I had to set my sound up, and want to know if there is an alternative approach.

Since I have a Audigy SB 0090 (pci) and use a C-Media USB headset, I had to set the C-Media USB device to be the default sound device before all my programs would output their sound to it. But my C-Media Headset does not have a processor in it... Since my Audigy SB is what actually has a processing unit in it, I was wondering if there's any way to, instead, set it back to being the default device, and route it's output to my USB headset, so I'm not wasting my CPU on what the USB Headset's lack of processor does not account for. Is that doable?