View Full Version : [ubuntu] Install help on raid1 array

February 20th, 2009, 07:42 AM
I'm trying to configure a Dell T3400 running XPx64 and Ubuntux64 on separate raid1 volumes. Hardware configuration: Intel core2 quad Q6600 2.4GHz; 4GB, 320GB SATA x 2, w/ Intel ICH8R raid controller and Nvidia Quadro FX1700.

Volume 0 = XPx64, installed and working fine.
volume 1 = Volume is created, but I'm not sure that Ubuntu recognizes it.

When I run the install, I get the Ubuntu splash screen and eventually, I end up at a command prompt - ubuntu@ubuntu-$

I've installed ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04 on non-raid disks, but this is my first time trying to install on a raid1 array. Any help or insight would be sincerely appreciated.