View Full Version : [ubuntu] help at instllation to macbook air

February 19th, 2009, 08:24 AM
Hi everyone! I'd like to getting information of solving my problems.
I try installing ubuntu8.10 to my macbook air(latest,HDD) using superdrive.
But, after displaid menus of liveCD,

[0.000000] ACPI: DMI BIOS year==0, assuming ACPI-capable machine

is displaid and become freeeeze.And what is more, a usb port breaks. so I reset SMC and became normal.:(

I tried using acpi=off command when starting,but it didnt go well.
And I tried installing ubuntu8.04, Fedora10 and kubuntu, but didnt go well.

I think it is wrong at electricity. But I can install XP on bootcamp and correctry battery and times(I tried installing ubuntu on windows by using wubi, but I failed).

Sorry on my poor english.

Please help me.