View Full Version : [ubuntu] Gnome behaviour under VirtualBox

Another Monkey
February 17th, 2009, 01:43 PM
I run an Ubuntu 8.10 guest on a Windows XPsp3 host using VirtualBox 2.1.2. I normally use the Ubuntu guest in "seamless" mode, I have both the default panels located at the top to ease integration with Windows.

The problem I have is that the applets and panels randomly change location after log-in. When the Gnome sessions starts, the guest is temporarily window sized, then becomes full screen, seamless (a dynamic re-size) and the applets/panels are re-arranged.

This can leave me with the "logoff" switch halfway along the screen, networking far right, sound control in the middle...all the applets are there and work, they're just mixed up. Sometimes the order of the panels is also swapped. The behaviour is seemingly random.

Is there something I can do to stop this happening? I have tried with the applets and panels locked/unlocked and nothing changed.

It is a very minor issue, but annoying.

I am asking here as I have been informed it is more of a Ubuntu/Gnome issue than a VirtualBox one.