View Full Version : [ubuntu] Grub Error 21

February 17th, 2009, 01:32 PM
Hi guys,
I know this has been discussed before but my case is slightly different to most. First off I'm a complete noob to Ubuntu/Linux in general (I emphasis complete!).

I installed Ubuntu last night onto my HP, I want to Dual Boot with Vista. Unfortunately I didnt notice but I had an external hard drive plugged in as well. Ubuntu installed to the laptops internal drive but I need to have the external drive plugged in when I boot the laptop otherwise I get a Grub Error 21. If it is plugged in everthing seems to work fine, I get a menu with a choice of Operating Systems.

Can anyone sort me out with this issue? How to fix it so that I dont need the hard drive?

Thanks! (I'm realy looking forward to using Ubuntu btw, heard and seen great things about it!) :D

February 17th, 2009, 03:36 PM
I think the answer to your problem lies in either of these threads (they are both similar):


Let me know how that goes or if you run into problems.