View Full Version : [ubuntu] Video Problems after upgrade

February 14th, 2009, 06:41 AM
Hopefully...this is the correct forum...please forgive and move if not.

I recently upgraded my Ubuntu/Xp-Pro machine Fire GL 3600 PCI-e taken from a Workstation running Vista 64 Ultimate. The video card i removed from my Ubuntu/Xp Pro machine was an older Fire GL 3200. I cannot boot into either Ubuntu (8.10 32 bit) or XP Pro SP3 32 bit. My computer goes through the boot process (shows POST, everything is fine.....goes to GRUB, where I select XP or Ubuntu) but the screen goes blank after the progress bar shows complete boot (in both XP and Ubuntu login screens). My monitor then goes to sleep as it does not recive a signal. If I press the "off" button (set to soft shutdown) the computer goes through the shutdown sequence (once again...I see the Ubuntu progress bar) and turns off. I have tried a Live CD...and I select "Run to try option" to get to a live environment but never get there (i loads, I just can't see it due to screen going blank).

Any ideas?