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February 14th, 2009, 12:57 AM
I bought a new IBM Thinkbad X40. It runs quite well with 1gb of ram and it's 1.3ghz cpu with Ubuntu 8.04 and Reactos. But, this give the opportunity of a challenge with my old machine. Specs:

75MHZ "genuine Intel"
16mb some-type-of-olde-ram
750mb Hard drive..
Video unknown -likely 512kb.

The thing ran Windows 95, but then I experimented with a bunch of Linux distros.

Now back to the game...

In an effort to find a good OS for this thing with a gui, I would like to keep the negativity out please :P. Deli Linux and DSL Linux would hardly boot, so here are the rules:

1. Do not mention a newer Linux distro ( new as in the past 4 years )
2. Netbsd is nice, but I don't like it's style. (I use it in a VM sometimes)
3. Windows oses are okay to mention, but I already tried Win98, 95, and NT4. 98 would not install, and complained about the hard drive, which is fine. NT4 gave a bsod on boot and would not go any further. I'm installing win2000 now just for fun while I wait for you guys to answer ;)
4. Have fun :popcorn:

P.S: Your posts don't have to be complicated, just mention a random OS. I suggest Vista? :lolflag:

Yea, this game sucks, but it's my first. :P

February 14th, 2009, 12:59 AM
Windows 2000 is at the "Installing Devices" Screen. Note that the machine I'm using to install the operating systems to the hard drive is my oldest one with a cdrom:
128mb ram
42X cd-rw
8mb 3d graphics card. Awesome for win95 games :)

Why not give it a chance?:guitar:

February 14th, 2009, 01:30 AM
Windows 2000 says:

"disk error

Press any key to restart"