View Full Version : [ubuntu] Synaptic/apt usage

February 12th, 2009, 03:50 PM
So kinda new to the whole Synatic/apt .deb process.

If I have a functional system and I do an update using synaptic and it breaks something. How good is it at removing and putting things back the way they were?

Or, I have working system, but update says there is a new rt kernel, but it appears to have lower rev numbers than what's currently on the system. If I update and it breaks something can I go back?

Or, I currently have a system with Ubuntu Studio Hardy 64 bit that works great for sound, but, wifi is broken and it is possible that the hardy backports may fix it. But, it appears there are other things in the backport than ust network stuff. If it breaks sound,can I go back? Is there a way to get just the backports that address wifi?


February 12th, 2009, 06:29 PM
Generally speaking, neither Synaptic, nor any other component in Ubuntu, has the 'go back' feature. You can most probably 'go back' with the new kernel, because all it takes is to reboot and select the previous one. In the case of 'updating and it breaks something', there is no way to 'go back', unless you have a manually created backup of the system.
And lastly, the wireless issue you mentioned is too vague to advise anything. I think it would be wiser to start a separate thread, state the problem clearly and provide the relevant info.