View Full Version : [ubuntu] Raid 1 and Remote Access

February 11th, 2009, 01:43 PM
Hi guys,

Sorry if this is not not in the correct place. I am trying to replace my OS on my 2nd home PC. I have installed Ubuntu Desktop 8.10

I use this machine as downloading device and also video conversion. I have got the download / video conversion sorted as well as net drivers etc.

1. Remote access to this desktop? Via XP machines. I have to setup some sort of SMB share on my home folder?

2. I have 2 x 250 gig HDD. I used to have hardware raid 1 with windows. I am easy if i can just use software raid. So if i loose a drive i will still have my data. Is this possible or do I have to use server ED for these features.

Appreciate your help