View Full Version : Thin client underway

February 10th, 2009, 09:28 PM
ok iv been resurching this idea for a while now and have finaly secured 500 to prove it works, im starting this project using home computers before buying anything. This is the plan, set up a thin client server where all the proceses are done on the server and not on the client. the client will be anything avalible on ebay for under 50 per unit. ok so not much different yet. i plan to have 200 + maby 500 i dunno yet, if this works i could have 1000+. So i will have one central server running 4gb ram with quad core and 20gb hard drive. This is small for 200 units and will proboly run slow, read on. ok so there will be a file server packing 5tb hard drive but this can be expanded at any time if needed. The units will be connect through ethernet to a hub, proboly 100 per hub. this will then change to a 2gb fiberoptic cable running to these two servers. so heres where my plan differes. most people have 10+ servers running all the proceses ect. i wanna run mosix which uses ram cpu ect from any other enabled computer. i want this system to be easy to main tane so if more power is needed we just insert another mosux enabled computer. this kinda dont make sents but all will be explaned as i add more posts. feal free to comment