View Full Version : [ubuntu] MP-Bios bug 8254 on Ubuntu 8.10

February 10th, 2009, 01:22 AM
I already read some thread on the subject, but it did not seem to work.
On a Toshiba satellite, Ubuntu 8.04 worked fine for almost a year, then I did a clean install of 8.10 and got that "MP-bios bug 8254" that requires to toggle between the space and escape key to boot...

I read multiple post to turn apic off and other tricks that fixed the boot, but created issues on shutdown. Again, after a clean install of 8.04 and all the updates, I decided to upgrade to 8.10 with the same result.

However, in the boot options I selected kernel ( last kernel upgrade from 8.04 and my problem disappeared.

What is the downside of using on Intrepid 8.10?
What is the difference with the actual Kernel?

Is there going to be Kernel update that will fix this issue?