View Full Version : [ubuntu] PowerBook 3400c Success

February 10th, 2009, 12:10 AM
I have fiddled with various Linux distros for a while. Unfortunately the equipment I have is pretty old AND powerpc so it's a struggle.

I have Ubuntu Feisty up and running on my old Pre-G3 200mhz, 144MB, 3GB 3400c PowerBook. I used the alternate install cd iso. It took a couple of hours to install but the only glitch was the video config set itself to 24 bit color so the screen was a mess. I set it to 16 and all is well.

I installed Opera and Abiword & removed Firefox and Open Office. Applications run fairly well. I can use my ancient Lucent Gold Wifi card to connect to my AirPort.

Any Gnome system programs run extremely slow (Synaptic, Network).

It won't sleep with Gnome Power Manager or pbbuttonsd, either.

Still, the price is right...