View Full Version : Help Ubuntu, write a patch scanning script!

February 9th, 2009, 08:36 AM
I'm sure somebody would know how to do this. Ubuntu has a great tool that picks off new patches coming into fedora and alert the devs so they can consider using the patches into Ubuntu. Could someone try to help me write a script that does the same thing for opensuse?

The script would need to:

1. Scan all the entries at this website: http://tmp.vuntz.net/opensuse-packages/browse.py?project=openSUSE:Factory.
2. Pick off all items that end in .patch.
3. Output the website of the patch when a new patch is added.

For example it would output: adns-1.4-ipv6.patch linked to this webpage in html form: http://tmp.vuntz.net/opensuse-packages/browse.py?project=openSUSE:Factory&package=adns

Then later, when there is a new patch for at that link, it would display the new information. Thanks.