View Full Version : something like ndiswrapper for scanners

February 8th, 2009, 04:28 PM
As a title says it would be nice to have something like ndiswrapper for scanners .
Recently i got tired of spending lots of money on ink for my ink jet printer so i bought brother laser printer . It is good enough for me . Then i started looking for a scanner and run into little bit of a trouble .When looking at sane list of supported scanners it seems more of them are unsupported then supported . Which reminds me of wireless driver situation .
Now i am not a code writer , but just a regular user and i started to wonder . Would it be possible to write something like ndiswrapper for scanners ?

Does this sounds to far fetched or as a really good idea ? Is there something like it out there already ?
Right now we are keeping XP only for few things and cannon scanner which is used few times per month .